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  • Italian Baseball Players - Complete List

    Italian American Baseball Italian Americans have played a big part in America's past time. Show your pride with this unique design from
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    Name Years Played Position
    Ed Abbaticchio 1897-1910 Second Base
    Jeremy Accardo 2005-Present Pitcher
    Jim Adduci 1983-1989 First Base
    Jim Adduci Jr. 2013-2019 Outfielder
    Joe Albanese 1958-1958 Pitcher
    Mike Aldrete 1986-1996 Outfielder
    Chuck Aleno 1941-1944 Third Base
    Bob Allietta 1945-1945 Catcher
    Joe Altobelli 1955-1961 Outfielder
    Joe Altobelli   Manager/Coach
    Joey Amalfitano 1954-1966 Second Base
    Joe Amalfitano   Manager/Coach
    Norm Angelini 1972-1973 Pitcher
    John Antonelli 1944-1945 Third Base
    Johnny Antonelli 1948-1961 Pitcher
    Bill Antonello 1953-1953 Outfielder
    Rugger Ardizoia 1947-1947 Pitcher
    Gerry Arrigo 1961-1970 Pitcher
    Bob Aspromonte 1956-1971 Third Base
    Ken Aspromonte 1957-1963 Second Base
    Rich Aurilia 1995-Present Shortstop
    Steve Balboni 1981-1993 First Base
    Rocco Baldelli 2003-2010 Outfielder
    Rocco Baldelli   Manager/Coach
    Mike Balenti 1911-1913 Shortstop
    Anthony Balsamo 1962-1962 Pitcher
    Chris Bando 1981-1989 Catcher
    Sal Bando 1966-1981 Third Base
    Bret Barbarie 1991-1996 Second Base
    * Jim Barbieri1966-1966Outfielder
    Daniel Barone 2007-Present Pitcher
    Dick Barone 1960-1960 Shortstop
    Tony Bartirome 1952-1952 First Base
    Mark Belanger 1965-1982 Shortstop
    Wayne Belardi 1950-1956 First Base
    John Bella 1957-1959 Outfielder
    John Berardino 1939-1952 Second Base
    Augie Bergamo 1944-1945 Outfielder
    Adam Bernero 2000-2006 Pitcher
    Dale Berra 1977-1987 Shortstop
    Yogi Berra 1946-1965 Catcher
    Yogi Berra   Manager/Coach
    Frank Bertaina 1964-1968 Pitcher
    Reno Bertoia 1953-1962 Third Base
    Kurt Bevacqua 1971-1985 Third Base
    Lou Bevil 1942 Pitcher
    Buddy Biancalana 1982-1987 Shortstop
    Tommy Bianco 1975-1975 Third Base
    Hank Biasatti 1949-1949 First Base
    Craig Biggio 1988-2007 Second Base
    Dann Bilardello 1983-1992 Catcher
    Emil Bildilli 1937-1941 Pitcher
    Al Blanche 1935-1936 Pitcher
    Curt Blefary 1965-1972 Outfielder
    Jimmy Bloodworth 1937-1951 Second Base
    John Boccabella 1963-1974 Catcher
    Ping Bodie 1911-1921 Outfielder
    Greg Bollo 1965-1966 Pitcher
    Julio Bonetti 1937-1940 Pitcher
    Nino Bongiovanni 1938-1939 Outfielder
    Gus Bono 1920-1920 Pitcher
    Zeke Bonura 1934-1940 First Base
    Rick Bosetti 1976-1982 Outfielder
    Chris Bosio 1986-1996 Pitcher
    Ricky Bottalico 1994-2005 Pitcher
    John Bottarini 1937-1937 Catcher
    Larry Bowa 1970-1985 Shortstop
    Larry Bowa   Manager/Coach
    Ralph Branca 1944-1956 Pitcher
    Al Brancato 1939-1945 Shortstop
    Ernie Broglio 1959-1966 Pitcher
    Rico Brogna 1992-2001 First Base
    Joe Brovia 1955-1955 Outfielder
    Tommy Brown 1944-1953 Shortstop
    Drew Butera 2010-2021 Catcher
    Sal Butera 1980-1988 Catcher
    Sam Calderone 1950-1954 Catcher
    Fred Caligiuri 1941-1942 Pitcher
    Hank Camelli 1943-1947 Catcher
    Dolph Camilli 1933-1945 First Base
    Doug Camilli 1960-1969 Catcher
    Lou Camilli 1969-1972 Shortstop
    Ken Caminiti 1987-2001 Third Base
    Roy Campanella 1948-1957 Catcher
    George Canale 1989-1991 First Base
    Milo Candini 1943-1951 Pitcher
    Tom Candiotti 1983-1999 Pitcher
    John Caneira 1977-1978 Pitcher
    John Cangelosi 1985-1999 Outfielder
    Jay Canizaro 1996-2002 Second Base
    Chris Cannizzaro 1960-1974 Catcher
    Buzz Capra 1971-1977 Pitcher
    Nick Capra 1982-1991 Outfielder
    Pat Capri 1944-1944 Second Base
    Chris Capuano 2003-Present Pitcher
    Bernie Carbo 1969-1980 Outfielder
    Ben Cardoni 1943-1945 Pitcher
    Giovanni Carrara 1995-2006 Pitcher
    Mike Caruso 1998-2002 Shortstop
    Jerry Casale 1958-1962 Pitcher
    Joe Cascarella 1934-1938 Pitcher
    Jack Cassini 1949-1949 Second Base
    Jim Castiglia 1942 Catcher
    Pete Castiglione 1947-1954 Third Base
    John Castino 1979-1984 Third Base
    Vince Castino 1943-1945 Catcher
    Frank Catalanotto 1997-2010 Outfielder
    Phil Cavarretta 1934-1955 First Base
    Phil Cavarretta   Manager/Coach
    Art Ceccarelli 1955-1960 Pitcher
    Rick Cerone 1975-1992 Catcher
    John Cerutti 1985-1991 Pitcher
    Francisco Cervelli 2008-Present Catcher
    Italo Chelini 1935-1937 Pitcher
    Dino Chiozza 1935-1935 Shortstop
    Lou Chiozza 1934-1939 Third Base
    Harry Chiti 1950-1962 Catcher
    Larry Ciaffone 1951-1951 Outfielder
    Archi Cianfrocco 1992-1998 Third Base
    Joe Cicero 1929-1945 Outfielder
    Pete Cimino 1965-1968 Pitcher
    Gino Cimoli 1956-1965 Outfielder
    Lou Ciola 1934-1939 Pitcher
    Frank Cipriani 1961-1961 Outfielder
    Jeff Cirillo 1994-2007 Third Base
    Jack Clark 1975-1992 Outfielder
    Chris Codiroli 1982-1990 Pitcher
    Chris Colabello 2013-2016 Firstbase
    Mike Colangelo 1999-2002 Outfielder
    Rocky Colavito 1955-1968 Outfielder
    Chris Coletta 1972-1972 Outfielder
    Bob Coluccio 1973-1978 Outfielder
    Billy Conigliaro 1969-1973 Outfielder
    Tony Conigliaro 1964-1975 Outfielder
    Billy Consolo 1953-1962 Shortstop
    Jason Conti 2000-2004 Outfielder
    Jim Corsi 1988-1999 Pitcher
    * Dan Costello 1913-1916 Outfielder
    Tim Costo 1992-1993 Shortstop
    Frank Crespi 1938-1942 Second Base
    Dave Criscione 1977-1977 Catcher
    Tony Criscola 1942-1944 Outfielder
    Frankie Crosetti 1932-1948 Shortstop
    Frankie Crosetti   Manager/Coach
    Al Cuccinello 1935-1935 Second Base
    Tony Cuccinello 1930-1945 Second Base
    John D'Acquisto 1973-1982 Pitcher
    Pete Daglia 1932-1932 Pitcher
    * Pete Dalena 1989-1989 First Base
    Mark Dalesandro 1994-2001 Catcher
    * Jason Dallaero 1999-1999 Shortstop
    Dom Dallessandro 1937-1947 Outfielder
    Jamie D'Antona 2008-Present Third Base
    John Dantonio 1944-1945 Catcher
    Doug Dascenzo 1988-1996 Outfielder
    Frank Dasso 1945-1946 Pitcher
    Tony De Phillips 1943-1943 Catcher
    Doug Decinces 1973-1987 Third Base
    * Garton Del Savio 1943-1943 Shortstop
    Bobby Delgreco 1952-1965 Outfielder
    David Dellucci 1997-2009 Outfielder
    Joe DeMaestri 1951-1961 Shortstop
    Frank Demaree 1932-1944 Outfielder
    Donald J. DeMola 1974-1975 Pitcher
    Chris Denorfia 2005-Present Outfielder
    Sam Dente 1947-1955 Shortstop
    Joe DePastino 2003-2003 Catcher
    Mark DeRosa 1998-Present Second Base
    Matt DeSalvo 2007-2008 Pitcher
    Daniel Descalso 2010-Present Second Base
    Bob Di Pietro 1951-1951 Outfielder
    Lewis Pessano Dickerson 1878-1885 Outfielder
    Mike Difelice 1996-Present Catcher
    Dom DiMaggio 1940-1953 Outfielder
    Joe DiMaggio 1936-1951 Outfielder
    Vince DiMaggio 1937-1946 Outfielder
    Lenny DiNardo 2004-2009 Pitcher
    Ron Diorio 1973-1974 Pitcher
    Frank Dipino 1981-1993 Pitcher
    Gary DiSarcina 1989-2000 Shortstop
    Benny Distefano 1984-1992 Outfielder
    Dick Drago 1969-1981 Pitcher
    Sammy Esposito 1952-1963 Third Base
    Pete Falcone 1975-1984 Pitcher
    Carmen Fanzone 1970-1974 Third Base
    Sal Fasano 1996-Present Catcher
    Jeff Fassero 1991-2006 Pitcher
    Ernie Fazio 1962-1966 Second Base
    Joe Ferguson 1970-1983 Catcher
    Joe Ferguson   Manager/Coach
    Al Ferrara 1963-1971 Outfielder
    Don Ferrarese 1955-1962 Pitcher
    Mike Ferraro 1966-1972 Third Base
    Bill Ferrazzi 1935-1935 Pitcher
    Mike Figga 1997-1999 Catcher
    Rollie Fingers 1968-1985 Pitcher
    Mike Fiore 1968-1972 First Base
    Tony Fiore 2000-2003 Pitcher
    Dan Firova 1981-1988 Catcher
    * Kevin Flora 1991-1995 Outfielder
    Tim Foli 1970-1999 Shortstop
    Tim Fortugno 1992-1995 Pitcher
    Ray Fosse 1967-1979 Catcher
    John Franco 1984-2005 Pitcher
    Matt Franco 1995-2003 First Base
    Tito Francona 1956-1970 Outfielder
    Terry Francona 1981-1990 First Base
    Terry Francona 1997-Present Manager/Coach
    Herman Franks 1939-1949 Catcher
    Herman Franks   Manager/Coach
    Jim Fregosi 1961-1978 Shortstop
    Jim Fregosi   Manager/Coach
    Marion Fricano 1952-1955 Pitcher
    Danny Frisella1967-1976Pitcher
    Carl Furillo 1946-1960 Outfielder
    Gary Gaetti 1981-2000 Third Base
    Phil Gagliano 1963-1974 Second Base/Utility
    Ralph Gagliano 1965-1965 Third Base
    Andrés Galarraga 1985-2004 First Base
    Bob Galasso 1977-1981 Pitcher
    Mike Gallo 2003-2006 Pitcher
    Joe Garagiola 1946-1954 Catcher
    Al Gardella 1945-1945 First Base
    Danny Gardella 1944-1950 Outfielder
    Art Garibaldi 1936-1936 Third Base
    Bob Garibaldi 1962-1969 Pitcher
    Willie Garoni 1899-1899 Pitcher
    Mike Gazella 1923-1928 Third Base
    + George Genovese 1950-1950 Shortstop
    Jim Gentile 1957-1966 First Base
    Sam Gentile 1943-1943 Outfielder
    Bob Giallombardo 1958-1958 Pitcher
    Jason Giambi 1995-Present First Base
    Jeremy Giambi 1998-2005 Outfielder
    Ray Giannelli 1991-1995 Third Base
    Joe Giannini 1911-1911 Shortstop
    Tony Giarratano 2005-2005 Shortstop
    Al Gionfriddo 1944-1947 Outfielder
    Tommy Giordano 1953-1953 Second Base
    Ed Giovanola 1995-1999 Third Base
    Joe Girardi   Manager/Coach
    Joe Girardi 1989-2003 Catcher
    Tony Giuliani 1936-1943 Catcher
    Dave Giusti 1962-1977 Pitcher
    Tommy Glaviano 1949-1953 Third Base
    Sal Gliatto 1930-1930 Pitcher
    Mauro Gozzo 1989-1994 Pitcher
    Tony Graffanino 1996-Present Third Base
    Mickey Grasso 1946-1955 Catcher
    Tom Gregorio 2003 Catcher
    Guido Grilli 1966-1966 Pitcher
    Jason Grilli 2000-2017 Pitcher
    Steve Grilli 1975-1979 Pitcher
    Ben Guintini 1946-1950 Outfielder
    Lou Guisto 1916-1923 First Base
    Larry Gura 1970-1985 Pitcher
    * Frankie Gustine 1939-1950 Third Base
    Chris Iannetta 2006-Present Catcher
    Pete Incaviglia 1986-1998 Outfielder
    Nick Johnson 2001-Present First Base
    Paul Konerko 1997-Present First Base
    Frank LaCorte 1975-1984 Pitcher
    Joe Lafata 1947-1949 First Base
    Mike Laga 1982-1990 First Base
    Al LaMacchia 1943-1946 Pitcher
    Frank Lamanna 1940-1942 Pitcher
    Ray Lamanno 1941-1948 Catcher
    Rick Lancellotti 1982-1990 First Base
    Walt Lanfranconi 1941-1947 Pitcher
    Matt LaPorta 2007-2012 Outfielder
    Greg LaRocca 2000-2003 Third Base
    Tony LaRussa   Manager/Coach
    Tony LaRussa 1963-1973 Second Base
    Tom Lasorda   Manager/Coach
    Tom Lasorda 1954-1956 Pitcher
    Harry Lavagetto 1934-1947 Third Base
    Harry Lavagetto   Manager/Coach
    Tony Lazzeri 1926-1939 Second Base
    Steve Lembo 1950-1952 Catcher
    Jim Lentine 1978-1980 Outfielder
    Alex Liddi 2011-Present Third Base
    Angelo Lipetri 1956-1958 Pitcher
    Rick Lisi 1981-1981 Outfielder
    Paul Lo Duca 1998-Present Catcher
    Dario Lodigiani 1938-1946 Third Base
    Ernie Lombardi 1931-1947 Catcher
    Phil Lombardi 1986-1989 Catcher
    Vic Lombardi 1945-1950 Pitcher
    Lou Lombardo 1948-1948 Pitcher
    Steve Lombardozzi 1985-1990 Second Base
    Steve Lombardozzi Jr. 2011-2017 Second Base
    Mark Loretta 1995-Present Third Base
    Jay Loviglio 1980-1983 Second Base
    Joe Lovitto 1972-1975 Outfielder
    Torey Lovullo 1988-1999 Second Base
    Johnny Lucadello 1938-1947 Second Base
    * Frank Luce 1923-1923 Outfielder
    Ralph Lumenti 1957-1959 Pitcher
    Matt Macri 2008-Present Third Base
    Joe Maddon   Manager/Coach
    Sal Maglie 1945-1958 Pitcher
    Mike Magnante 1991-2002 Pitcher
    Pete Magrini 1966-1966 Pitcher
    Frank Malzone 1955-1966 Third Base
    Frank Mancuso 1944-1947 Catcher
    Gus Mancuso 1928-1945 Catcher
    Don Manno 1940-1941 Outfielder
    Matt Mantei 1995-2005 Pitcher
    Jeff Manto 1990-2000 Third Base
    Joe Margoneri 1956-1957 Pitcher
    Lou Marone 1969-1970 Pitcher
    Billy Martin   Manager/Coach
    Billy Martin 1950-1961 Second Base
    Joe Martina 1924-1924 Pitcher
    Wedo Martini 1935-1935 Pitcher
    John Marzano 1987-1998 Catcher
    Phil Masi 1939-1952 Catcher
    Gordon Massa 1957-1958 Catcher
    Len Matarazzo 1952-1952 Pitcher
    Ralph Mauriello 1958-1958 Pitcher
    Carmen Mauro 1948-1953 Outfielder
    Vin Mazzaro 2009-2016 Pitcher
    Mel Mazzera 1935-1940 Outfielder
    Lee Mazzilli 1976-1989 Outfielder
    Leo Mazzone   Manager/Coach
    Al Mele 1937-1937 Outfielder
    Sam Mele   Manager/Coach
    Sam Mele 1947-1956 Outfielder
    Oscar Melillo 1926-1937 Second Base
    Joe Mellana 1927-1927 Third Base
    Frank Menechino 1999-2005 Second Base
    Rudy Meoli 1971-1979 Shortstop
    Mike Meola 1933-1936 Pitcher
    Lou Merloni 1998-2006 Second Base
    Lennie Merullo 1941-1947 Shortstop
    Matt Merullo 1989-1995 Catcher
    Dan Miceli 1993-2006 Pitcher
    Mickey Micelotta 1954-1955 Shortstop
    Sam Militello 1992-1993 Pitcher
    Craig Minetto 1978-1981 Pitcher
    Paul Mirabella 1978-1990 Pitcher
    Doug Mirabelli 1996-Present Catcher
    Bob Molinaro 1975-1983 Outfielder
    Blas Monaco 1937-1946 Second Base
    John Montefusco 1974-1986 Pitcher
    Richard Monteleone 1987-1996 Pitcher
    Mickey Morandini 1990-2000 Second Base
    Ross Moschitto 1965-1967 Outfielder
    Don Mossi 1954-1965 Pitcher
    Chad Mottola 1996-2006 Outfielder
    Mike Napoli 2006-Present Catcher
    Steve Nicosia 1978-1985 Catcher
    Paul Noce 1987-1990 Second Base
    Talmadge Nunnari 2000-2000 First Base
    Joe Orengo 1939-1945 Third Base
    Ernie Orsetti 1927-1935 Outfielder
    John Orsino 1961-1967 Catcher
    Frank Ortenzio 1973-1973 First Base
    Jim Pagliaroni 1955-1969 Catcher
    Mike Pagliarulo 1984-1995 Third Base
    Matt Pagnozzi 2009-Present Catcher
    Tom Pagnozzi 1987-1998 Catcher
    Joe Palmisano 1931 Catcher
    John Papa 1961-1962 Pitcher
    Stan Papi 1974-1981 Third Base
    Tony Parisse 1943-1944 Catcher
    Valentino Pascucci 2004-2004 Outfielder
    Dan Pasqua 1985-1994 Outfielder
    Mike Pasquella 1919-1919 First Base
    Frank Pastore 1979-1986 Pitcher
    Carl Pavano 1998-Present Pitcher
    * Bill Pecota 1986-1994 Third Base
    Eddie Pellagrini 1946-1954 Shortstop
    Joe Pepitone 1962-1973 First Base
    Jack Perconte 1980-1986 Second Base
    Sam Perlozzo   Manager/Coach
    Sam Perlozzo 1977-1979 Second Base
    Bill Pertica 1918-1923 Pitcher
    Vinnie Pestano 2010-Present Pitcher
    Gene Petralli 1982-1993 Catcher
    Rico Petrocelli 1963-1976 Shortstop
    Joe Pettini 1980-1983 Shortstop
    Andy Pettitte 1995-Present Pitcher
    John Pezzullo 1935-1936 Pitcher
    Mike Piazza 1992-2007 Catcher
    Rob Picciolo 1977-1985 Shortstop
    Nick Picciuto 1945-1945 Third Base
    Jeff Pico 1988-1990 Pitcher
    Mario Picone 1947-1954 Pitcher
    Marino Pieretti 1945-1950 Pitcher
    Al Pierotti 1920-1921 Pitcher
    Bill Pierro 1950-1950 Pitcher
    Joe Pignatano 1957-1962 Catcher
    Joe Pignatano   Manager/Coach
    Ralph "Babe" Pinelli 1918-1927 Third Base
    Jim Pisoni 1953-1960 Outfielder
    Chris Pittaro 1985-1987 Third Base
    Biff Pocoroba 1975-1984 Catcher
    Lou Polli 1932-1944 Pitcher
    Rick Porcello 2009-Present Pitcher
    * Al Porto 1948-1948 Pitcher
    Mike Porzio 1999-2003 Pitcher
    Johnny Pramesa 1949-1952 Catcher
    George Puccinelli 1930-1936 Outfielder
    Nick Punto 2001-Present Shortstop
    Frank Quilici 1965-1970 Manager/Coach
    Frank Quilici 1965-1970 Second Base
    Bob Ramazzotti 1946-1953 Second Base
    Joe Randa 1995-2006 Second Base
    Vic Raschi 1946-1955 Pitcher
    Bill Renna 1953-1959 Outfielder
    Tony Rensa 1930-1939 Catcher
    Xavier Rescigno 1943-1945 Pitcher
    Dino Restelli 1949-1951 Outfielder
    Frank Riccelli 1976-1979 Pitcher
    Dave Righetti 1979-1995 Pitcher
    Dave Righetti   Manager/Coach
    Anthony Rizzo 2011-Present First Base
    Mike Rizzo   General Manager
    Johnny Rizzo 1938-1942 Outfielder
    Phil Rizzuto 1941-1956 Shortstop
    Tony Robello 1933-1934 Second Base
    Mickey Rocco 1943-1946 First Base
    Lou Rochelli 1944-1944 Second Base
    Jason Romano 2002-2005 Outfielder
    Jim Romano 1950-1950 Pitcher
    Johnny Romano 1958-1967 Catcher
    Tom Romano 1987-1987 Outfielder
    Bob Roselli 1955-1962 Catcher
    Joe Rosselli 1995-1995 Pitcher
    Joe Rossi 1952-1952 Catcher
    Frank Rosso 1948-1951 Pitcher
    Vinny Rottino 2006-Present Third Base
    Sonny Ruberto 1969-1972 Catcher
    Justin Ruggiano 2008-2017 Outfielder
    Joe Rullo 1943-1944 Second Base
    Marius Russo 1939-1946 Pitcher
    Gene Rye 1931-1931 Outfielder
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2007-Present Catcher
    Manny Salvo 1939-1943 Pitcher
    Joe Sambito 1976-1987 Pitcher
    F. P. Santangelo 1995-2001 Outfielder
    Ron Santo 1960-1974 Third Base
    Al Santorini 1968-1968 Pitcher
    Bill Sarni 1951-1956 Catcher
    Tom Satriano 1961-1970 Catcher
    Bob Saverine 1959-1967 Second Base
    Dave Sax 1982-1987 Catcher
    Steve Sax 1981-1994 Second Base
    Jerry Scala 1948-1950 Outfielder
    Frank Scalzi 1939-1939 Shortstop
    Johnny Scalzi 1931-1931 Pinch Hitter
    Les Scarsella 1935-1940 First Base
    Steve Scarsone 1992-1999 Second Base
    Lou Schiappacasse 1902-1902 Third Base
    Mike Scioscia   Manager/Coach
    Mike Scioscia 1980-1992 Catcher
    Marco Scutaro 2002-Present Shortstop
    Sonny Senerchia 1952-1952 Third Base
    Dan Serafini 1996-2007 Pitcher
    Billy Serena 1949-1954 Third Base
    Walter Sessi 1941-1946 Outfielder
    * Barry Shetrone 1959-1963 Pinch Hitter
    * Danny Silva 1919-1919 Third Base
    Dave Silvestri 1992-1999 Shortstop
    Ken Silvestri 1939-1951 Catcher
    Pat Simmons 1928-1929 Pitcher
    Jason Simontacchi 2002-2007 Pitcher
    Matt Sinatro 1981-1992 Catcher
    Sibby Sisti 1939-1954 Second Base
    Joe Smith 1913-1913 Catcher
    John Smoltz 1988-Present Pitcher
    Paul Sorrento 1989-1999 First Base
    Ed Spiezio 1964-1972 Third Base
    Scott Spiezio 1996-2008 First Base
    Andy Spognardi 1932-1932 Second Base
    John Stefero 1983-1987 Catcher
    Hank Steinbacher 1937-1939 Outfielder
    Lindo Storti 1930-1933 Third Base
    * George Susce 1929-1944 Catcher
    * George Susce Jr. 1955-1959 Pitcher
    Nick Swisher 2004-2015 Outfielder
    Kevin Tapani 1989-2001 Pitcher
    Tony Tarasco 1993-2002 Outfielder
    Gene Tenace 1969-1983 Catcher
    Frank Tepedino 1967-1975 First Base
    Nick Testa 1958 Catcher
    Joe Tinker 1902-1916 Shortstop
    Joe Tinker   Manager/Coach
    Frank Torre 1956-1963 First Base
    Joe Torre 1960-1977 Catcher
    Joe Torre   Manager/Coach
    * John Valentin 1992-2002 Shortstop
    Bobby Valentine 1969-1979 Shortstop
    Bobby Valentine   Manager/Coach
    * Corky Valentine 1954-1955 Pitcher
    * Joe Valentine 2003-2005 Pitcher
    Vito Valentinetti 1954-1959 Pitcher
    Dave Valle 1984-1996 Catcher
    Sal Varreale   Manager/Coach
    Robin Ventura 1989-2004 Third Base
    Vince Ventura 1945-1945 Outfielder
    Frank Verdi 1953-1953 Shortstop
    Ron Villone 1995-Present Pitcher
    Frank Viola 1982-1996 Pitcher
    Joe Vitelli 1944-1945 Pitcher
    Joe Vitiello 1995-2003 First Base
    Joey Votto 2007-Present First Base
    Sal Yvars 1947-1954 Catcher
    Dom Zanni 1958-1966 Pitcher
    Al Zarilla 1943-1953 Outfielder
    Barry Zito 2000-2015 Pitcher
    Peter Zoccolillo 2003-2003 Outfielder
    Frank Zupo 1957-1961 Catcher
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    * These Players are ones that I am unsure of. I am going by their name. If you can confirm they are of Italian heritage plase let me know.

    + George is listed as a pinch hitter by I listed him at shortstop because that is where he played in the minors.

    Throughout history there have been many baseball players of Italian heritage. The list in no way is complete list of players. Should there be a name that I omitted please let me know by sending me the information to the following address:

    Last Updated 4/13/2023


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