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  • Valentine's Day/Love Stories

    A Crime of Honour
    Gianciotto tricked the beautiful Francesca into marrying him by having his handsome brother Paolo act as his proxy. As fate would have Paolo and Francesca fell in love and the jealous Gianciotto has his revenge by killing them both.

    5 Ways to Woo Your Lover Italian-Style Our Paesani -
    The Italians are a passionate people. They do everything big from fighting to loving. As a result, we can all learn a thing or two from them. Since Valentine's Day is the perfect time to take stock of your relationship, you might want to take a few cues from the Italians about how to court your lover and make a great impression. Here are 5 ways to woo your lover Italian-style.

    An Italian Love Dictionary Our Paesani -
    Italian is a romance language and there are few things more romantic than whispering sweet nothings to your beloved in Italian. It sounds like poetry even when you're saying something mundane. Speaking in Italian can make you feel more sophisticated and a hell of a lot sexier.

    An Italian Love Story Una Mamma Italiana -
    Oftentimes, when times are tough, we fall into a mode of depression, assuming that things just can't get any worse. It is precisely in these moments that we must depend on family to get us through. In light of the difficult economic times our country faces, I engaged in a conversation with my grandmother, who went on to explain what hard times really meant. What I got out of our conversation was not only a valuable life lesson, but a tale of true love that tops any romantic Valentine's Day story in history.

    Italian Lovers - The Best in the World Our Paesani -
    Descendents of Casanova, the Venetian author and philosopher famous for his contributions to the art of seduction, Italians are known as lovers full of passion, raw with sexiness. That's why the world has been fascinated by Italy's love stories throughout history - from the fictional (think Francesca and Paolo) to present-day hotties adored by the paparazzi (think George Clooney, who lives in Como, Italy, and Italian TV host Elisabetta Canalis).

    One Sweet Italian Kiss Our Paesani -
    Few things in life are as sweet as a chocolate kiss. And Hershey's got nothing on Perugina's Baci, which is now owned by internationally renowned Nestlé European Chocolate. The divine dark chocolate cover stuffed with whipped chocolate and hazelnut were the invention of a love-struck confectioner, who used the sweet stuff to woo the object of her affection.

    Relationships (with family, friends, crushes and spouses) Our Paesani -
    In love with an Italian man? Looking to connect with your relatives in Italy? This section is a log of observations, analysis and explanation of how Italians relate to foreigners and each other. You can also find practical information about reaching your loved ones in the Motherland.

    Rome: The City of Eternal Love
    If you want a truly special romantic experience while in Rome, here is a list of both classic and hidden spots perfect for wooing your beloved.

    St. Valentine
    This is a brief account of the life of the patron saint of lovers.

    Searching for Valentine Our Paesani -
    My love is an Italian, and we live continents apart. My love is hard work. My love can be as pig headed as I. My love argues with as much passion as he dotes. My love makes me weak and crazy and sometimes even sick. My love is too powerful. My love can whisk me away with just one look. My love shows me my future in his eyes. My love won't celebrate Valentine's Day on principle. My love is just what I wanted and ironically I have Saint Valentine to thank.

    Valentine's Day Gifts for Italians Our Paesani -
    I got started on Valentine's Day early this year. I spent the weekend after the new year searching for the perfect gift for my husband. He didn't really like the clothes I chose for him for Christmas, so I wanted to find something great for Valentine's Day. I know that it's the thought that counts. And my love should be gift enough. But I get deflated when my husband opens the box and puts on a frown or that other face - the frown that turns into a forced smile in seconds - that tells me he doesn't want to hurt my feelings. It's painful. I get joyful when he opens a gift I give him with natural delight. My Valentine's Day gift to myself is buying him the perfect gift. Gift giving and getting is trickier with Italians that I imagined.


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