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    Abruzzo Region Guide
    Find out for yourself why this is called the green region of Europe and one of Italy's best kept secrets. Learn more about this strong & gentle region with this 15 page annotated guide.

    Calabria Region Guide
    With the longest coastline of any inland region of Italy, Calabria just may be Italy's best kept secret. What makes Calabria such an intriguing region to visit is that even though they have such an extensive coastline filled with white sandy beaches the region as a whole is approximately 91% hilly or mountainous. Learn more about Calabria with this 16 page illustrated guide.

    Campania Region Guide
    With one of the most magnificent coastlines in Europe, Campania offers tourists breathtaking views making it a popular destination among travelers. This 17 page illustrated guide will help you learn more about this storied region.

    Cristo Redentore (Christ the Redeemer)
    Maratea, a comune in the Potenza province of Basilicata, is the only town in the region located on the Tyrrhenian coast. It is a hidden gem filled with beautiful sceneries and stunning beaches. Perched on top of Mount San Biagio is the statue of Cristo Redentore (Christ the Redeemer). It is the fourth largest statue in Europe dedicated to Jesus.

    Falvaterra Caves/Grotte di Falvaterra
    Falvaterra is a rather small village located in the province of Frosinone about 90km southeast of Rome. If you have time to visit this town you will definitely want to make the trip and see the Grotte di Falvaterra e Rio Obaco (Falvaterra Caves and Rio Obaco), which is one of nature's wonders.

    Frequently Asked Travel Questions
    We receive many email messages asking us questions about traveling to Italy. Here are our responses to those questions.

    How to Use a Cell Phone in Italy
    Most travelers to Italy certainly don't plan to spend their majority of their time cooped up indoors watching television and hence, having the use of a cell phone for calling restaurants, museums and friends will certainly come in handy. The reality is, US and Canadian cell phones often do not work in Italy and those that do are expensive. The good news is that there are affordable solutions available.

    Ischia Travel Guide
    This 22 page guide will give you an in depth look at this beautiful island located off the coast of Naples. This travel guide was put together by Antonio Gerenini, who lives on the island, and Francesca Di Meglio, who has family in Ischia and has visited the island on numerous occasions. What better way to learn about the island than from two people who have experienced the beauty and charm that Ischia has to offer.

    Puglia Region Guide
    This is one of the easiest regions to find on the map, because it contains the heel of Italy's boot shaped configuration. Learn more about the history, traditions and tourist sites with this 16 page illustrated guide of the region.

    This 22 page Web Guide has information on a variety of topics to help you learn more about this artistically rich city. It also is a great starting place to help you plan your trip to Rome.

    Sardinia Region Guide
    The beautiful island of Sardinia is filled with many wonderful treasures, sandy beaches and breath taking views. Sardinia's history is long and somewhat mysterious. This 18 page illustrated guide will help you discover the beauty that awaits you.

    Sicily Region Guide
    This illustrated guide will help you uncover the beauty and charm of this island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Topics range from traditions & culture to history and cuisine.

    Travel - Our Paesani
    Consult these articles when planning your dream Italian vacation or when fantasizing about some of the world's most famous Italian sites.

    Turin City Guide
    Turin is the fourth largest city in Italy and in 2006 it hosted the XX Olympic Winter Games. This 17 page Web Guide has information on a variety of topics to help you learn more about this artistically rich city. It also is a great starting place to help you plan your trip to Turin.

    Tuscany Region Guide
    Tuscany is one of the most famous places in the entire world. This 22 page illustrated guide will take you through the region and introduce you to the beauty, charm and culture that awaits you.

    If you are planning to visit Italy you may want to consider turning your trip into a farm holiday.

    You can check flight information, get maps of the interior of airports, book flights and more.

    Mr. Curvy accompanies you on your drive through Italy giving you helpful information on construction, road maps, and more.

    Azienda per la Promozione Turistica del Trentino
    Excellent guide for tourists. It provides information on activities, events, and much more for the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Italy.

    Bella Umbria
    Find information about tourism, events, hotels and country holidays for the region of Umbria.

    Bicycle & Walking Tours
    Enjoy the beauty that Italy has to offer by going on a cycling tour or a walking tour of Italy. Choose from a number of companies that offer these specialized trips.

    BoxOffice Italia
    Get the latest ticket information, touring dates, and more for concerts and sporting events in Italy.

    Car Rentals/Limo Services
    Whether you want to rent a vehicle or hire a professional driver to tour Italy these resources will help you find what you are looking for.

    Conversion Charts
    These conversion charts will help you determine what size you need to get before you go shopping at the many great stores in Italy.

    Delicious Italy
    This Web site is put together by freelance professionals from Rome who have taken their time to provide you with information on cuisine and travel so you can experience some of the great treasures of Italy.

    A fantastic guide to camp sites throughout Italy.

    Europe for Visitors
    Durant Imboden has put together a site that is a must for anyone who is considering to travel to Europe. You will find articles, photos and information that will help you make your visit to Europe both memorable and enjoyable.

    Ferrovie Dello Stato
    If you prefer travelling by train then this Web site is your link to the Italian railways.

    Health Information
    Preventive measures, precautions, and recommendations for your next trip to Italy.

    These databases will help you locate hotels, villas and hostels throughout Italy.

    In Venice Today
    Guide to discover the museums and exhibitions of Venice. Includes photos of all the Venetian churches and offers suggestions for hotels, restaurants and more.

    Travel information about Italy, each region and the main tourist cities.

    Life In Italy
    Articles and news items about life in Italy, including Italian art, Italian music, Italian home decoration, Italian travel, Italian food, and Italian mores.

    Find detailed maps of Italy as well as regional and city maps.

    If you enjoy parks than you will enjoy these national and theme related parks.

    Rail Europe
    If you planning to travel throughout Italy you may want to purchase a train pass from Rail Europe. They offer some varying packages for traveling in Italy as well as venturing to other countries.

    Road of 52 Tunnels (Strada delle 52 Gallerie)
    Located on the Pasubio massif in Veneto, Italy is a series of roads and ultimately 52 tunnels carved into Monte Pasubio. These series of tunnels were constructed in 1917 during World War I. The Italian army in need of protection from the Austro-Hungarian artillery strikes came up with the plan to carve tunnels through the mountain to ensure that supplies and men could safely navigate through the mountains out of range from any attacks.

    Rome Hotels/Villas/B&B/Apartments
    This guide will help you find that special lodging place so you can spend a wonderful time in beautiful Rome.

    They specialize in moving your car from the UK to Italy.

    Their goal is to help visitors plan their train journey and get real-time information on train schedules, accessibility and facilities.

    Travel Agents/Tour Operators
    Let these experienced travel agencies help you plan your next trip to Italy.

    Universal Currency Converter
    Use this site to help you convert your currency to Italian currency.

    When in Rome: Forget Monuments, and Focus on Lifestyle
    Here are 5 ways you can make you next trip to Rome more meaningful, and help you to view your Amor with a fresh new perspective. If only all relationships were this simple!


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