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  • Italian Inventions

    Italians have made significant contributions throughout history. A number of items we use today have been created by those of Italian ancestry. The following list contains the invention, who created it and the year it was created. If there is an invention by an Italian that I have failed to include please send me an email.

    Anemometer Leon Battista Alberti 1450
    Automatic Gas Igniter Dante Raso 1928
    Ball Bearings Leonardo da Vinci 16th Century
    Barometer Evangelista Torricelli 1643
    Big Mac Jim Delligatti 1967
    Bobbin Leonardo da Vinci 15th/16th Century
    Buffalo Chicken Wings Teressa Bellissimo 1964
    Caesar Salad Caesar Cardini 1924
    Carbon Paper Pellegrino Turri 1806
    Cologne Johann Maria Farina 1709
    Condom Gabriele Fallopio 1564
    Decompression Chamber Alberto Gianni 1916
    Double Entry Accounting Amatino Manucci 14th Century
    Dynamo - DC Electrical Generator Antonio Pacinotti 1860
    Electric Battery Alessandro Volta 1800
    Electromagnetic Seismograph Luigi Palmieri 1856
    Electroplating Luigi V. Brugnatelli 1805
    Endo-Flex Endotracheal Tube Andrew Toti - co-invented 2004
    Espresso Machine Achille Gaggia 1946
    Eyeglasses Salvino Armati 1280
    Flight-Ejection System Gino Santi 1947
    Geothermal Electricity Prince Piero Ginori Conti 1904
    Grape Harvesting Machine Andrew Toti 1972
    Hot Water Bottle Feet Warmers Gabriella Landini 2013
    Hydrofoil Enrico Forlanini 1900
    Hydrostatic Balance Galileo Galilei 1596?
    Ice Cream Cone Italo Marcioni 1896
    Induction motor Galileo Ferraris 1885
    Inflatable Lifevest Andrew Toti 1936
    Internal Combustion Engine Eugenio Barsanti 1854
    Jacuzzi Jacuzzi Brothers 1968
    Liposuction Giorgio Fischer 1974
    Microprocessor Federico Faggin 1970-1971
    Modern Baseball Pitching Machine Lorenzo Ponza 1952
    Modern Musical Notation Guido of Arezzo 11th Century
    MPEG (Father of the MP3) Leonardo Chiariglione Started in 1988
    Nitroglycerin Ascanio Sobrero 1846
    Nuclear Reactor Enrico Fermi 1942
    Pantelegraph Giovanni Caselli 1862?
    Parachute Leonardo da Vinci 1480
    Piano Bartolomeo Cristofori 1709
    Pretzels Italian Monks Circa 610 AD
    Quick Release Skewer Tullio Campagnolo 1927
    Solari Departure Board Remigio Solari 1950's
    Stereoregular Polymers Giulio Natta 1963
    Subway Sandwich Fred DeLuca 1965
    Telephone Antonio Meucci 1871
    Thermometer Galileo Galilei 1593
    Three-way Light Bulb Alessandro Dandini 20th Century
    Tontine (form of life insurance) Lorenzo de Tonti 1653
    Typewriter Pellegrino Turri 1808
    Universal Joint Girolamo Cardano 1545
    Vermouth Antonio Benedetto Carpano 1786
    Wheel Lock Leonardo da Vinci 16th Century
    Wind Tunnel Gaetano Lanza 1909
    Wireless Telegraphy Guglielmo Marconi 1896
    Zamboni Frank J. Zamboni 1949

    Last Updated 10/29/19

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