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    01/14/2019 10:08 AM
    Cesare Battisti arrested in Bolivia. A last beer, then tears
    Reconstruction of raid that led to arrest of former Armed Proletarians for Communism terrorist. Traced thanks to complex checks on mobile phones belonging to underworld figures. He only had a few coins in his pockets
    01/11/2019 09:56 AM
    Children of woman strangled by husband “adopted by town”
    Town council resolution: “Considering the strong feelings of local people ... it was considered appropriate to start proceedings for “adoption by the town”. Hundreds of donations to help women’s children up to university age. The mayor: “I was moved”
    01/10/2019 07:23 AM
    Briatore: “I would prefer work to university for my son”
    Businessman speaks of his son, Nathan Falco: “I won’t stop him from going to university, but he shouldn’t go just for appearance’s sake: only one of the managers in my company is a graduate, and many of them left school at 14
    01/09/2019 10:59 AM
    Investigation into death of AIDS immunologist Fernando Aiuti
    Famous immunologist who fought against the marginalization of AIDS patients had been admitted to Rome’s Gemelli hospital. The hospital states that the celebrated doctor fell down the stairs. The police, who rushed to the scene at 11.20 this morning, have suggested it was suicide
    01/08/2019 08:44 AM
    Controversy over Di Maio’s support for gilets jaunes protesters
    Five Star leader tells protesters: “Don’t give up, you can use the Rousseau platform.” More cautious Salvini condemns use of violence, while Paris retorts that Italy should worry about its own problems
    12/21/2018 08:45 AM
    Melegatti pandoro is back, with 500,000 baked for Christmas
    The company, which risked insolvency, managed to churn out the traditional Christmas cake by outsourcing production. The governor of Veneto Zaia thanks those who took over the company
    12/19/2018 09:35 AM
    Sisters stand up to mafia, naming those who threatened them
    Three sisters stand up to mafia bosses. TV presenter Giletti sued over show: “I am on their side against this conspiracy of silence”
    12/17/2018 04:23 AM
    Brazilian police issue 20 different identikits of Battisti
    Former terrorist, convicted of four murders, was set to be extradited to Italy but has gone into hiding. According to internal sources, he is in the state of San Paolo
    12/12/2018 07:54 AM
    Salvini criticized for calling Hezbollah “terrorists”
    Deputy prime minister in Israel. Five Stars defence minister Elisabetta Trenta and Di Maio accuse him of putting mission in Lebanon at risk
    12/11/2018 01:24 PM
    No deal in sight as EU asks Rome for 0.6% deficit cut

    12/10/2018 07:01 AM
    “Dear mummy, I’m sorry you’re dead”
    Letter from daughters of Eleonora Girolimini, who died in the disco at Corinaldo while saving their elder sister Gemma. Her husband: “I tried to revive her. Now I will change job to raise my four children”
    12/07/2018 08:57 AM
    Benetton Rugby players shave heads in support of Nasi Manu
    The players of Benetton Rugby will take to the field against Harlequins with shaved
    12/05/2018 10:24 AM
    Tria tempted to resign over internal tensions
    Isolation of economy minister, who fears becoming a scapegoat for government failings
    12/04/2018 08:36 AM
    Business associations attack government in call for action
    Thousands meet in Turin to discuss high-speed rail plans and growth. Deputy prime minister Salvini: “I don’t know to what extent Confindustria is representative”. Boccia: “We are the ones who don’t care if the spread rises”
    12/03/2018 06:42 AM
    Maria Sole Tognazzi reminisces about actor father Ugo
    Daughter of actor whose career is subject of retrospective at MoMA in New York: “He was Count Mascetti also in life”
    11/30/2018 08:27 AM
    Monti: “The Tsipras moment has arrived for the majority”
    Former PM: “I believe that the forces supporting this government have never really faced up to the facts
    11/29/2018 09:33 AM
    “He approached with a pickaxe, and I shot him out of fear”
    Fredy Pacini called by Salvini, but was unable to speak: “I’m broken-hearted”. Only the tyre dealer’s granddaughter can wrest a smile from him. Expressions of local support
    11/28/2018 08:57 AM
    Conte at EU focuses on social rather than economic stability
    Prime minister engaged in long negotiations with Brussels: “We’re going ahead with the reforms. I’m not looking for an alibi”
    11/23/2018 03:54 AM
    Three men wanted over Silvia Romano’s abduction in Kenya
    Italy ready to negotiate, amidst fears of possible fundamentalist connection
    11/22/2018 10:48 AM
    Voluntary worker kidnapped in Kenya, possibly by jihadists
    It has not been ruled out that Shabaab, a movement allied to Al-Qaeda, are behind the abduction of Silvia Costanza Romano in Kenya. Intelligence services and diplomats expect long negotiations. The hostage may have been handed over to other groups


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