Volume 18, No. 10

moltoitalianoVolume 18 No. 10

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The Secret of Altamura: Nazi Crimes, Italian TreasureThe Secret of Altamura: Nazi Crimes, Italian Treasure

It is 1943, and the Nazis control large parts of Italy. Colonel Anselm Bernhardt devotes his attention to stealing Italian art – and having his way with Italian women – but there is one great treasure that he covets even more.

In present day, his grandson swears to make amends for Bernhardt’s crimes, but is bitten by the same temptation and begins his search for the mysterious, historically vital treasure in southern Italy… a secret that can change the course of history.


Carnival of Putignano
Carnevale di PutignanoOne of the oldest and definitely the longest event in the world takes place in the ancient town of Putignano in the Puglia region of Italy. The origins date back to 1394 when the Knights of Malta moved the relics of St. Stephen from Monolpoli to Putignano to protect them from looters. They were joined by peasants and the occasion was celebrated with dancing, music and singing. Each year on St. Stephen’s Day (December 26th) they have the Festa delle Propaggini to mark the start of the Carnevale season, which ends with the ringing of the bell on Shrove Tuesday.

Carnevale di Venezia
The Carnevale is one of the long standing traditions of the city of Venice. One of the great traditions associated with the Carnevale is the costumes and in particular the masks worn by the people. Masks became such an intrigal part that the artisans that created them were even recognized with their own guild in 1436.

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Sassi di Matera* Photo of the Week
Sassi di Matera

A beautiful view of the Sassi di Matera, which means stones of Matera. These are ancient cave dwellings located in the city of Matera, Basilicata.

* Proverb
Il denaro è un buon servo e un cattivo padrone.

* Recipe
Here is a great recipe for alfredo sauce.

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