Volume 17, No. 2

moltoitalianoVolume 17 No. 2

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Merda!: The Real Italian You Were Never Taught in SchoolMerda!: The Real Italian You Were Never Taught in School

At last, a humorous, uncensored language guide to the colorful slang and rude colloquialisms that are so essential to a true understanding of everyday Italian. For the first time, all those words and phrases that were deemed off-color for the classroom are included in one volume.


The Encounter
The Making of Villa Tre Angeli is a five part story of Valerie’s journey as she backpacked through Europe, met your husband to be and eventually built a bed & breakfast in the beautiful town of Bedonia. Part one,”The Encounter,” has Valerie and her college friend Karen backpacking through Europe where a chance encounter while in Italy would lead to a life changing moment.

Witchcraft: Evil or not?
Witchcraft is one part of the practice of an ancient religion. Those who practice the Craft generally believe in a loving god (and goddess), or in multiple gods, who reign over the many facets of our daily lives. This is derived from the earliest religions of great societies, like Rome, Greece, Anatolia, etc. Those worshipers were not creating evil to harm their enemies, nor were they attempting to cause havoc in the world.

Share a Photo, Recipe, Story or Tradition
Italy is a wonderful and magnificent country filled with traditions, stories, incredible food and breath taking views. With your help Italiansrus.com can help show the world just what Italy has to offer. There are four ways you can help so just select one of the choices and you will be presented with guidelines and a form you can use to contact me about your submission.

Bernini's colonnade in St. Peter's square* Photo of the Week
A look at Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s colonnade. The colonnade extends on both sides of the basilica. The colonnade was built between 1656-67 and consists of 284 columns and 88 pilars. Resting on top of the roof are the statues of 140 saints (70 on each side).

* Proverb
Toccare il fuoco con le mani degli altri.

* Recipe
Here is a great recipe for arancini stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella.

Italian Attitude Italian Clothing & Novelties
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