Volume 16, No. 50

moltoitalianoVolume 16 No. 50

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365 Days in Italy Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2018365 Days in Italy Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2018

It’s a yearlong tour of Italy, the inimitable country that draws more repeat visitors than any other. From the lush vineyards and tall cypresses of Tuscany to the magnificent Aragonese Castle in Ischia Ponte, from the vista of Mt. Vesuvius at dawn to the architectural marvels of Rome, Italy comes alive in hundreds of gorgeous photographs.


Santa Lucia
Lucia, which means light, lived during the time where Christians were persecuted for their belief in God. This didn’t prevent her from bringing food to the many Christians who hid in underground tunnels. To find her way she would wear a wreath with candles while carrying a tray of food.

During the Christmas season panettone is a staple that you will find in any Italian home. Some refer to this as an Italian version of fruitcake. Panettone originated in the town of Milan and is a symbol of the city. It has a cupola shaped top and it should always be taller than it is wider.

Frank Capra’s Wonderful Film Gave America Hope When We Needed it Most
During the dark decade of the 1930s, Frank Capra’s films brought light where there was darkness and hope where there was despair to a nation in desperate need of an uplifting message. If only for a few minutes, in a darkened theatre, Capra’s films inspired irrepressible optimism in American audiences and when they left the theater, they left feeling better about themselves and the future of their world.

Share a Photo, Recipe, Story or Tradition
Italy is a wonderful and magnificent country filled with traditions, stories, incredible food and breath taking views. With your help Italiansrus.com can help show the world just what Italy has to offer. There are four ways you can help so just select one of the choices and you will be presented with guidelines and a form you can use to contact me about your submission.

St Francis basilica in Assisi PAX* Photo of the Week
If you are on the upper basilica of St. Francis in Assisi and look out into the lawn area you will see shrubs spell out the word PAX (Peace).

* Proverb
La mama dello scemo del villiaggio e la donna che e sempre incinta!.

* Recipe
Here is a great recipe for stuff calamari.

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