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  • Il Novellino


      Introduction 1
    Il Novellino
    I: Proem 35
    II: Of the rich embassy which Prester John sent to the noble Emperor Frederick 37
    III: Of a wise Greek whom a King left in prison, and how he judged of a courser 40
    IV: How a jongleur lamented before Alexander the conduct of a knight, to whom he had made a gift on condition that the knight should give him whatsoever Alexander might present him with 44
    V: How a king committed a reply to a young son of his who had to bear it to the ambassadors of Greece 48
    VI: How it came into the mind of King David to learn the number of his subjects 50
    VII: Here it is told how the angel spoke to Solomon, and said that the Lord God would take away the kingdom from his son for his sins 51
    VIII: Of the gift of a king's son to a king of Syria who had been driven from his throne 55
    IX: Here it is treated of an argument and a judgment that took place in Alexandria 58
    X: Here it is told of a fine judgment given by the slave of Bari in a dispute between a townsman and a pilgrim 61
    XI: Here it is told how Master Giordano was deceived by a false disciple of his 63
    XII: Here it is told of the honour that Aminadab did to King David, his rightful lord 64
    XIII: Here it is told how Antigonus reproved Alexander for having a cythera played for his delight 65
    XIV: How a king had a son of his brought up in a dark place, and then showed him everything, and how women pleased him most 66
    XV: How a land steward plucked out his own eye and that of his son to the end that justice might be observed 67
    XVI: Here it is told of the great mercy wrought by Saint Paulinus the bishop 68
    XVII: Of the great act of charity which a banker did for the love of God 69
    XVIII Of the judgment of God on a baron of Charlemagne 69
    XIX Of the great generosity and courtesy of the Young King 70
    XX Of the great liberality and courtesy of the King of England 72
    XXI How three necromancers came to the court of the Emperor Frederick 77
    XXII How the Emperor Frederick's goshawk escaped to Milan 80
    XXIII How the Emperor Frederick found a countryman at a fountain and asked leave to drink, and how ke took away his drinking-cup 82
    XXIV How the Emperor Frederick put a question to two wise men, and how he rewarded them 83
    XXV How the Sultan gave two hundred marks to a man and how his treasurer wrote down the entry in his presence 85
    XXVI Here it is told of a burgher of France 88
    XXVII Here it is told of a great Moaddo who was insulted 90
    XXVIII Here it is told of a custom that existed in the kingdom of France 91
    XXIX Here it is told how some learned astrologers disputed about the Empyrean 92
    XXX Here it is told how a Lombard knight squandered his substance 94
    XXXI Here it is told of a story-teller of Messer Azzolino 95
    XXXII Of the great deeds of prowess of Riccar Loghercio of the Isle 97
    XXXIII Here is told a tale of Messer Imberal del Balzo 98
    XXXIV How two noble knights loved each other with a great love 100
    XXXV Here itis told of Master Thaddeus of Bologna 101
    XXXVI Here it is told how a cruel king persecuted the Christians 102
    XXXVII Here it is told of a battle between two kings of Greece 105
    XXXVIII Of an astrologer called Melisus, who was reprimanded by a woman 106
    XXXIX Here it is told of Bishop Aldebrandino, and how he was mocked by a friar 108
    XL Of a minstrel whose name was Saladin 108
    XLI A tale of Messer Polo Traversaro 110
    XLII Here is told an excellent tale of William of Borganda of Provence 112
    XLIII Here it is told of Messer Giacopino Rangone and what he did to a court player 115
    XLIV Of a question that was put to a courtier 116
    XLV How Lancelot fought at a fountain 116
    XLVI Here it is told how Narcissus fell in love with his own image 117
    XLVII Here it is told how a knight asked a lady for her love 119
    XLVIII Here it is told of King Conrad, father of Conradin 119
    XLIX Here it is told of a physician of Toulouse and how he took to wife a niece of the Archbishop of Toulouse 120
    L Here it is told of Master Francis, son of Master Accorso of Bologna 122
    LI Here it is told of a Gascon woman, and how she had recourse to the King of Cyprus 123
    LII Of a bell that was ordered in King John's days 124
    LIII Herer it is told of a privilege granted by the Emperor to one of his barons 125
    LIV Here it is told how the parish priest Porcellino was accused 126
    LV Here is told a tale of a man of the court whose name was Marco 128
    LVI How a man of the Marches went to study in Bologna 129
    LVII The Woman and the Pear-tree 130
    LVIII The Wisest of the Beasts 134
    LIX Here it is told of a gentleman whom the Emperor had hanged 134
    LX Here it is told how Charles of Anjou loved a lady 137
    LXI Here it is told of the philosopher Socrates, and how he answered the Greeks 141
    LXII Here is told a tale of Messer Roberto 144
    LXIII Of good King Meladius and the Knight Without Fear 146
    LXIV A Tale told of the Court of Puy in Provence 146
    LXV Here it is told of Queen Iseult and Messer Tristan of Lyonese 154
    LXVI Here it is told of a philosopher who was called Diogenes 158
    LXVII Here it is told of Papirius and how his father brought him to the council 159
    LXVIII Of a question which a young man proposed to Aristotle 160
    LXIX Here it is told of the great justice of the Emperor Trajan 161
    LXX Here it is told how Hercules went into the forest 163
    LXXI Here it is told how Seneca consoled a woman whose son had died 164
    LXXII Here it is told how Cato lamented against fortune 167
    LXXIII How the Sultan being in need of money, sought to find occasion to proceed against a Jew 168
    LXXIV The story of a vassal and a lord 169
    LXXV How the Lord entered into partnership with a minstrel 171
    LXXVI Here it is told of the great killing done by King Richard 174
    LXXVII Here is told of Messer Rinieri, a knight of the Court 175
    LXXVIII Here is told of a philosopher much given to the vulgarisation of science 177
    LXXIX Here it is told of a Court player who adored a lord 178
    LXXX The Pilgrim and the Ugly Woman. 181
    LXXXI Here below it is told of the council which was held by the sons of King Priam of Troy 182
    LXXXII Here it is told how the Lady of Shalott died for love of Lancelot of the Lake 184
    LXXXIII How Christ going one day with his disciples in a deserted place, they saw great treasure 186
    LXXXIV How Messer Azzolino Romano arranged a great charity 188
    LXXXV Of a great famine that was once in Genoa 192
    LXXXVI The Emperor and the Pilgrim 193
    LXXXVII How a man went to shrive himself 194
    LXXXVIII Here is told of Messer Castellano da Caferi of Mantua 194
    LXXXIX Here it is told of a Court player who began a story that never ended 195
    XC Here it is told how the emperor Frederick killed a falcon of his 196
    XCI How a certain man confessed to a friar 197
    XCII Here it is told of a good woman who had made a fine pie 198
    XCIII Here it is told of a countryman who went to shrive himself 199
    XCIV Here it is told of the fox and the mule 199
    XCV Here it is told of a countryman who went: to the town 201
    XCVI Here it is told of Bito and Messer Frulli of San Giorgio near Florence 201
    XCVII Here it is told how a merchant carried wine overseas in casks with two partitions and what happened 205
    XCVIII Here it is told of a merchant who bought caps 206
    XCIX Here is told a pretty tale of love 207
    C How the Emperor Frederick went to the Old Man of the Mountain 211

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    Storer, Edward, trans. Il Novellino: The Hundred Old Tales. London: G. Routledge & Sons Ltd.; New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., [1925]. v-x


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