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    Our Paesani

    by Francesca Di Meglio

    As many people who follow this column know, I'm newly married to an Italian man. Because we're newlyweds, everyone here in Italy is asking us when we're going to have Italian babies.

    Last week, our niece Laura was actually daydreaming about us birthing a little cousin for her, and she started ticking off Italian baby names that would work in my native United States and my husband's native Italy. There's no baby on the way for us yet. But Laura's little exercise got me thinking that other Italians abroad might be looking for Italian baby names that are not too difficult for those in their new country to handle. After all, in America, Guido will be getting bullied daily at school and probably well into adulthood. But Alessandro might be all right.

    If you're looking for an Italian baby name to honor your heritage, this is the Italian baby names dictionary for you. Just remember that “I” sounds like a long “E” in Italian when you're reading the names, and “GI” makes the “GEE” sound while “CI” makes the “CHEE” sound. And “GE” makes the “JEH” sound, and “CE” the “CHEH” sound. I'm sure we've forgotten some great Italian names that would work for people living abroad, so feel free to e-mail us your suggestions.

    Here is the Italian baby name dictionary:

    Adriana Alberta Allegra Alessandra Alessia Alice Angela Angelina Anna Annabella Annamaria Antonia Ariana Adriano Alberto Aldo Alessandro Alessio Alfonso Alfredo Angelo Antonio Arturo
    Barbara Belinda Berta Bianca Benito Beppe Bernardo Bruno
    Carla Carmela Carolina Caterina Claudia Cristina Carlo Carmelo Ciro Claudio Corrado Cristiano
    Daniela Diana Dina Donatella Daniele Dante Dario Davide Demetrio Dino Domenico Donatello
    Elena Elenora Emilia Enza Eva Emilio Enrico Enzo Ermando Ernesto
    Fiorella Flavia Franca Francesca Fabio Fabrizio Filippo Fiorello Flavio Francesco Franco
    Gabriela Gemma Giada Gianna Gina Giorgia Giovanna Giulia Giuseppina (Giusi) Gabriele Giacomo (Giac) Gian Giancarlo Gianfranco Gianni Gino Giorgio Giovanni Giulio Giuseppe Gregorio
    Laura Lea Lella Lia Liliana Lina Lisa Loretta Lucia Luciana Luisa Lello Leonardo Lorenzo Luca Luciano Luigi
    Maddelena Mara Marcella Maria Mariana Marisa Marta Martina Melena Mimi Monica Marcello Marco Mario Martino Massimo Matteo Michelangelo
    Nicoletta Nina Nunzia Nando Nello Nico Nino Nunzio
    Patrizia Patti Pia Pina Patrizio Piero Pino
    Regina Renata Rita Roberta Rosa Rosalba Rosalia Rosana Rosaria Rosetta Raffaele Raimondo Renato Riccardo Roberto Rocco Rosario
    Sabrina Sandra Sara Serafina Sienna Silvana Silvia Sofia Stefania Susanna Sandro Sergio Silvio Stefano
    Teresa Tina Tommasina Tomasso Toni Tonino
      Ugo Umberto
    Valentina Viola Violetta Vittoria Viviana Vito Vittore Vittorio

    Di Meglio is the guide to Newlyweds for

    Article Published 6/14/09
    Updated 7/15/09


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